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Tea-tastic produce a wide variety of instructions for teabag folding. Our simple starter kits contain everything you need to make a card and full instructions (with a sample fold for you to follow). Or, our project packs contain a full range of instructions for several different folds. And, if you want a hands-on demonstration you could try our teabag folding video.

Introductory Video

This video contains full instructions on eleven different folds, all explained step by step by Trevor Bracey

Christmas Cards Pack

Reproducing you design in the centre of rosettes, christmas trees, and other great ideas for seasonal cards.

Variations on the Squashed Square

Ideal for those looking to improve their skills, this pack begins with the basic squashed square and then gradually introduces a series of variations which lead to a more advanced folding techniques.


Each Tea-Tastic kit contains full instructions for a single fold, plus card, envelopes, inserts, papers and a sample of the fold in large foil to help guide you through. These are a great way to get started with teabag folding.

Kit 1: Square Fold Kit 2: Kit Fold Kit 3: Triangle Fold Kit 4: Squashed Square
Kit 5: Concertina Fold Kit 6: The Butterfly Fold Kit 7 Arrow Fold Kit 8: Double-Square
Kit 9: Octagon Fold Kit 10: Fan Fold


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